Doorframe Reinforcement
Door Reinforcement


Standard Front Door Security
Standard door security relies on (2) small screws and a thin door frame (Figure 2).
A strong kick is focused on this single weak point (Figure 1) and easily blows apart the door frame. That is why kick-ins are the #1 tactic for home invaders.

Regardless of your deadbolt quality - without door jamb reinforcement - a strong kick will usually destroy your door frame in a single try.

Door Jamb Reinforcement - Diffuses the Kick
Every front door's security weakness is the soft wood door frame. The 48" steel door frame reinforcement unit diffuses the force of the kick from the 8" box (of a standard door) to 4 feet of the door jamb.

Front Door Jamb Protection - Attach to Studs
The primary component, a steel anti-kick strike plate, is affixed to the door frame with heavy duty 3.5" screws. The screws drive into the 2x4 studs behind the actual door jamb, making it virtually impossible to defeat the door frame by kicking the door.

Hinge Reinforcement - Fortify Hinges
While not very common, some burglars may try to kick the hinge side of the door. The heavy duty 3" hinge screws and hinge bolts help provide additional front door security.

Yard Sign & Window Stickers
If the unit is seamless to the eye - how will the bad guy know you have upgraded your front door security? Door Devil™ kit provides a yard sign to let the burglars know your door frame has been fortified...GO AWAY.

Door Reinforcement

The Front Door Frame is only (1) section of the door that must be reinforced.

Once this portion of the front door frame is fortified, the door itself must be reinforced.



The Door Frame is only the most obvious place to reinforce the door.

However, once the door frame is fortified, the force will be focused on the weakest link in the chain....that becomes the door itself (in the area hollowed out to accommodate the door hardware).

Even with the door frame reinforced, a strong kick will STILL ALLOW BURGLARS IN. See video example.

In this video, the door frame has been reinforced by a Door Devil, but the door has not been reinforcded. The Door Frame had no damage, but the force of the kick defeated the door. It is criitcal to reinforce the door itself.

Door Reinforcement
Door Reinforcement


While not common, some burglars will attack the hinge side of the door. To provide total door security, the hinges should also be reinforced.

This is a very easy task. This can be done by replacing at least (1) screw in each hinge with a long screw that drives into the door frame itself. Also, addiing hinge plates or Hinge Bolts (provided by Door Devil).

Door Reinforcement
Door Reinforcement

No Neigborhood is Immune From Burglary

...besides, nice neighborhoods have the coolest stuff. Don't wait to until it is too late. Burglaries are on the rise in many cities and NO neighborhood is truly safe. Add Door reinforcement to your door frame by adding a door frame reinforcement kit to your home.


ALARM SYSTEM | Home Security System | Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington

Alarms and monitored security systems are effective deterrents in preventing the burglary. For criminals, it poses an additional threat to them that the may caught At minimum - reduce the time he has to do bad things. Dealers can vary, but Safemart offers quality wireless systems at the best prices.

Door Reinforcement
Door Reinforcement

DEADBOLT | Door Security | Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington

Grade 1 deadbolt lock is best for home security.  If your primary concern when selecting door locks is with home security, as it should be, the best deadbolt door lock for residential use is one that carries an ANSI Grade 1 rating. For its price, looks and quality....the Schlage B60 series is a good buy.


REINFORCEMENT | Door Security | Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington

If the door frame is not reinforced, it really doesn't matter what you do.Tthe burglars will kick the door and be gone before Police are even notified...alarm system or not. As part of that doorway fortification, it is critical to reinforce your door frame as well. The door itself (around the area hollowed out for the door hardware is very weak. There are a number of products available of varying sizes, quality and styles. One of simplest to install - as well as the most affordable - is the Door Devil. The Door Devil forties not only the door frame, but the door and hinge-side too.


VIDEO | Video Systems | Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington

Adding a video system is a excellent layer of additional home security. Wireless systems are very popular because of the lower installation costs (there is no need to run expensive video extension cables) and flexible mounting options. Most wireless video cameras can be installed in areas that will not accommodate a wired camera. In addition to the ease of use and convenience of access, wireless systems allows users to leverage broadband wireless internet to provide seamless video streaming over-internet.

Door Reinforcement

WINDOWS | Anti-Shatter Window Film | Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington

A home security measure that is growing in popularity because the cost has come down in recent years is adding a anti-shatter window film to residential windows. This helps reduce one more method that burglars use to enter your home. This is especially useful for sliding glass doors which are typically in the back and out of the sight of neigbors. One of the best products on the market is the 3M Window Film.

Door Reinforcement

CRIME PREVENTION | City of Fort Worth - An Act To Follow

In the 1980's Fort Worth had an extremely high crime rate. It was not unusual to see double digit increases. The citizens, the City and the Fort Worth Police Department collectively decided that was no longer acceptable. In 1995, the citizens passed a 1/2 cent Crime Prevention Tax (or more accuately CCPD). Revenue from this tax provided dedicated resources to develop AND EXECUTE crime prevention tactics. Since 1995, Fort Worth's Part I Crime rate has declined 32%. Read more...

Door Reinforcement

LOCKSMITH | Best In the Business | Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington

Choosing a trusted and reputable Locksmith a big step. These individuals will be in your home, have the ability to access your doors and provide advice on home security. Thus, it is critical to ensure the Locksmith you choose licenses and insures their employees. In addition, check out Angies List to validate good standing in the community. A quality Locksmith will ensure you are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your doorframe to allow you to choose what is best for your family. Michaels Keys in DFW is one of the best in the business. Give them a call at 972.498.1026

Door Reinforcement

HANDYMAN | Best In the Business | Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington

Much like a Locksmith, choosing a trusted and reputable Handyman is a big step.
These individuals will be in your home and have insight into your home's strengths and weaknesses from a security perspective. Thus, it is critical to ensure the Handyman is trustworthy and skilled. It is highly recommended to visit Angies List to validate good standing in the community. Choosing a national chain may be a bit more expensive, but they provide invaluable peace of mind of ACCOUNTABIILTY. You have options if something goes wrong. Mr. Handyman is the premier Handyman company. They are very familiar with door security hardware installation. Give them a call at 800.674.2639!

Door Reinforcement

Choosing A Locksmith...

When choosing a Locksmith, you should be interested in (5) key factors:

- Bonded & Insured
- Skill
- Continuing Professional Education
- Price
- Prompt Arrival

Door Security Email

You can make this search easier by ensuring your Locksmith is a member of the Society of Professional Locksmiths. This provides an assurance that the Locksmith will hit each item on your checklist. Angie's List is helpful, but it can't provide all the information you need in making your choice. SOPL Locksmiths must be bonded and insured to become a member. In addition, these Locksmiths are provided Continuing Professional Education from the highly respected Security Technical Institute (for the Locksmith profession).

Ask your Locksmith if he/she is a member of the SOPL!



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